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Rodschinson’s private equity team works across fund types, including buyout funds, debt, infrastructure, real estate, and hedge funds, developing the right investment strategies for our clients.

Additionally, our expertise in the F&B industry and our in-depth knowledge of all facets of the business (industry, commerce, marketing, finance) allow us to truly be a one-stop-shop for our clients. 


Private equity firms, which control billions of dollars, have been turning their eyes more toward the F&B industry in the recent past. More than just investing in brands, they’ve acquired them, bringing more funds, more ideas, and attention to different areas of the industry. 

Our team’s titanic connections with global businesses and funds operating in the F&B sector allow us to generate a list full of targets, develop a diligent roadmap facilitating our approach to the target, and present abundant options to our clients that fit the type of investment they’re looking for that 


We understand that F&B deals can be extremely complex with several variables influencing the terms of the deal. Our partners, ROD PE and ROD M&A have collaborated with ROD F&B throughout Europe and abroad, where we saw that businesses & investment funds operating in F&B usually have a mid-term exit strategy. Following the funding of an F&B entity, rapid expansion is expected therefore, a four-year holding period is the F&B industry average before spin-off and the sale of the venture to another fund or investors with an added value.


ROD F&B team has successfully implemented diverse target transactions by working closely with ROD PE and has had distinctive experience in liaising between regulators, vendors, and consultants for technical and commercial diligence. We analyze the revenue growth, market dynamics, and cost reduction opportunities to get to the bottom of the barrel and establish the true potential of the deal for our clients.


Valuing F&B businesses can be particularly complex as each F&B business poses its own set of challenges. At Rodschinson, our valuation experts go to extensive lengths to determine the unit economics today and assess the purchase price and multiples. We have a team of dedicated valuation analysts that help our clients determine the fair value of the business whether you plan to buy or sell a business.

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