Conversion Strategies

The idea of putting real estate for a purpose different than that for which it was originally developed can be incrementally beneficial when done wisely. ROD F&B has had a long-standing, collaborative relationship with ROD Development, to assist our clients to turn unprofitable portfolios into businesses that will fill a gap in a different market that is caused by factors such as the pandemic, economic crashes, and so on. Our inter-divisional expertise allows us to be cost-efficient and deliver astonishing results in conversion.


Many clients with underperforming and cost heavy F&B assets, or businesses that lack the management that leads to its successful exploitation, have chosen ROD F&B when they needed reliable partners.

We believe our teams are masterful in solving a wide range of regulatory challenges as well as refining business models even the ones that are held back by KPI and consumer behavior constraints.

F&B spaces can be converted into a revenue generator such as event spaces, just like other businesses such as retail spaces, or dormant office properties can be converted into F&B spaces.

Our clients can benefit from our F&B team’s level of expertise in repurposings by collaborating with our stand-alone, yet synergy-rich divisions i.e. ROD Retail, ROD Event Spaces, ROD M&A, and many others.


Our clients who have experienced a significant downturn on developments that were built for specific purposes i.e. event spaces, restaurants have benefited from our team’s practiced conversion strategy implementation. 

Instances that can cause immediate and unlikely ups and downs in consumer demand, such as COVID – 19 pandemic, leave a long-lasting change in consumer behavior especially in the F&B business. Therefore, we strive to safeguard our clients who want to convert their businesses F&B businesses into other businesses, and vice-versa with a deployable, well-organized repurposing strategy to navigate the unknown

Our analytically sound team at ROD F&B follows an approach where they combine various economic data with trends in industries to narrow down the situations and of course, recommend the best conversion strategies for our clients.


Real estate projects while under development offer a wide variety of options of conversion but a minor error can sometimes cause piling up of undeniable costs in terms of money and time when further conversion to the property is planned.

We evaluate all the regulatory, technical, or financial and other aspects of development and document the details for our clients, and form a strategy to elevate the economic returns/yield on the project.


A very large event space that was converted into an F&B business as the fall of events organization due to the pandemic had a huge effect on the business. The strategy of the repurposed model was to take advantage of the professional resources in common with the F&B business, and adapt the space.

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