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A term used when the restaurant has run out of, or is unable to prepare a particular menu item. Increasingly; when a bar patron is ejected from the premises and refused readmittance.[1] Usually it is only for the rest of that night, though if the patron is especially violent, the ban may be for a longer term or even permanently.

À la carte

In restaurants, à la carte is the practice of ordering individual dishes from a menu in a restaurant, as opposed to table d'hôte, where a set menu is offered.


A person who formulates and serves alcoholic or soft drink beverages behind the bar, usually in a licensed establishment.

Brigade de cuisine

A system of hierarchy found in restaurants and hotels employing extensive staff, commonly referred to as “kitchen staff” in English-speaking countries.


An initialism standing for “bring your own bottle”, “bring your own beer”, “bring your own beverage”, or “bring your own booze”


A French term for a branch of cooking devoted to prepared meat products, such as bacon, ham, sausage, terrines, galantines, ballotines, pâtés, and confit, primarily from pork.


A trained professional cook and tradesman who is proficient in all aspects of food preparation, often focusing on a particular cuisine.

Combination meal

A type of meal that typically includes food items and a beverage.

Cooked to order

Food that is cooked to a patron's directions

Dine and dash

A form of theft by fraud, in which a patron orders and consumes food and beverages from a restaurant or similar establishment with the intent not to pay.

Early bird dinner

A dinner served earlier than traditional dinner hours, particularly at a restaurant.

Family meal

A group meal that a restaurant serves its staff outside of peak business hours.

Fast food

A type of mass-produced food designed for commercial resale and with a strong priority placed on “speed of service” versus other relevant factors involved in culinary science.

Garde manger

A cool, well-ventilated area where cold dishes are prepared and other foods are stored under refrigeration.

Ghost restaurant

A restaurant that operates exclusively via food delivery

Happy hour

A marketing term for a time when a venue (such as a restaurant, bar, bowling alley, stadium, state fair, or county fair) offers discounts on alcoholic drinks.

Kids' meal

A fast-food combination meal tailored to and marketed to children.

Main course

The featured or primary dish in a meal consisting of several courses.

Maître d’hôtel

The person who manages the public part, or “front of the house”, of a formal restaurant.


A list of food and beverages offered to customers and the prices.

Mise en place

A French culinary phrase which means “putting in place” or “everything in its place”

Monkey dish

A small (3″or 5 cm) bowl used for sauces, nuts, or as a repository for bones or citrus peel.

Online food ordering

The process of ordering food from a website or other application.

Platter (dinner)

A meal or course served on a platter.

Signature dish

A recipe that identifies an individual chef or restaurant.


The chef who is second in command within a kitchen; sous meaning “under”

Table d’hôte

A menu in which multi-course meals with only a few choices are charged at a fixed total price

Table reservation

An arrangement made in advance to have a table available at a restaurant.

Table sharing

The practice of seating multiple separate parties who may not know each other at a single restaurant table.


Takeout ; carry-out or to-go ; take-away ; takeaways ; grab-n-go; and parcel is a prepared meal or other food items, purchased at a restaurant or fast food outlet that the purchaser intends to eat elsewhere.

Value meal

A group of menu items at a restaurant offered together at a lower price than they would cost individually.
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