ROD Food & Beverage: Feeding an equity-hungry sector

Investing in the thriving and fast-developing food & beverage industry presents exciting but challenging real estate opportunities. In both regional and international markets, investors require tailored and detailed advice, with special attention to different food cultures, regulatory frameworks and customer needs that define these assets. To make sure investors don’t starve for information, or overindulge on too many consultants, ROD’s access to experts in food & beverage ensures that investors are guided and aided at every step of the way.

Identify challenges, spot opportunities

Our global team is highly experienced in identifying challenges and spotting opportunities, including food safety, sanitary regulations, alcohol licensing and distribution, security, and technological advancements. Even though some issues may be different from typical real estate transactions, such as offices or residential, ROD F&B has the experience and expertise to compete effectively in this fast-changing but lucrative field.

Investment options

The repeated success of chained restaurants testifies to its durability, across all segments, cuisines, and phases of the business lifecycle, from startups to emerging markets, from established to declining brands. Big brasseries are also popular among many of our clients as these restaurants – with an intimate setting and a homely menu – have a unique place in today’s harried economy. Brasseries are a key asset in western European countries such as Belgium or France. And then there are major bars and restaurants, as well as catering and food trucks, and, the real driver within the F&B space: take-away outlets.

Changing choices

The Food & Beverage sector has undergone rapid changes in recent years, evolving at a rate never witnessed before. These changes include changing consumer demands and preferences, health issues, the increasing cost of raw materials, growing regulatory constraints, shareholder expectations, new distribution channels, and the emergence of new technology.

Innovation drives F&B properties

The food & beverage industry is subject to constant change, driven by new technological models and innovative apps and platforms. Food delivery technology options are shaping many food outlets, with cell phones and computers being the main platforms. However, the increased uptake of smartwatches, smart TVs, Twitter, Facebook and virtual assistants is further changing the face of the ordering process.

Health & safety

Apart from healthcare properties, hotels and a few other alternative asset classes, F&B assets are most impacted by strict health and safety regulations. Today’s food and drinks service providers are under more pressure than ever before to follow strict industry, government and environmental rules. Rodschinson’s F&B team can inform you about these requirements regardless of the market you invest in or the location of your target assets.

The supply chain

Whether your target asset is a group of upmarket restaurants, take-away outlets or a chain of city bars, every operation is highly dependent on a smooth supply chain. Together with our clients, our global team of experts looks into hygienic, efficient production methods, insisting on a thorough oversight of the chain with regards to cooling systems, cold storage, transport, processing, and distribution. From the farm to the fork.

Making sensible choices

As F&B companies are now faced with increased health concerns every step of the way, from production to presentation, every investor needs to make the right acquisition decision and set out a well-thought investment strategy. F&B companies are increasingly forced to adapt and reassess their business models and strategies and to seek operational excellence, so Rodschinson takes the same approach when it comes to buying assets in this sector.

Businesses large & small

Rodschinson has a proven track record with F&B clients. Our team handles a variety of deals, from transferring ownership of a renowned Gault et Millau-awarded establishment without losing its customer base, to the negotiation of shares from a take-away chain franchise network across Asian markets. Our clients can rely on our experience to help them develop the best strategy to succeed in their endeavors.

Delivery drives growth

With delivery options rapidly developing, more and more F&B outlets, including established restaurants and even some bars, are increasingly turning to traditional delivery methods, such as cars, bicycles, and motorcycles. Moreover, the industry is also studying the options that drones, self-driven cars and robots offer.

Wide variety of options

If the debt is not the preferred route, our team of experts would be delighted to tell you about an endless of alternatives, such as participating preferred stock, multiple liquidation preference, warrants, options or full ratchets, to name a few considerations. Our dedicated, global specialists always tie the deal structure to the nature of the investment, the wishes and needs of the clients and the aim and purpose of the equity injection. We welcome you to get in touch and find out more about how, where and when we could help you to maximize your investment.

Get in touch

Since the F&B development is one of the most exciting investment ecosystems within commercial real estate, and our team represents dozens of investors, developers and other committed players, we would be thrilled to tell you more about our investment strategies and client proposals.

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